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A message from our young folk…..

We have made it and reached our fundraising target so it’s all stations go!

The young folk have been talking with the contractor:
Concreate Skateparks
and revisions to the starting design are being worked on now.

We will have the plans for everyone to see on:
Monday January 11th 2016
from 7pm – 8:30pm
upstairs in the White Church
and will put revised plans on line when available.

We will have a mock up of the park in the hall made with help from Cubs & Beavers so you get an impression of what it will be like.

We then expect to start building as soon as the plan is officially approved by SportsScotland so we can look forward to
a bike and skate park in place by April 2016!

Many thanks to all for your continuing support!


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