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Dear Y’all

Folks at the church came up with the lovely idea to have a Christmas Meal on Friday 14th for folks effected by the flood. Its not gonna be a Church affair or a CCC affair. There will be no politicians, council officers or the ilk. Just a nice bit of grub, a convivial atmosphere, and some entertainment.

The Church through donations etc are paying for the grub.The folks will need bring nothing but themselves. The Community Council is mucking in and trying to get invites to the appropriate folk. Like drawing teeth we have extracted, from PKC, a list of the properties effected with contact details.Its not complete but we’re working on it and we can’t distribute this for Data Protection reasons but we could do with a hand delivering the invites if we can get a wee system running. The suggestion is for any helpers to:

Pop in @ Gordon McCartney’s  anytime between 11.30 – 1.0am SATURDAY 8th and/or  12.00-1.00pm SUNDAY 9th.

  1. Helpers can pop along at either or both sessions and will be met with Gordon, Gillian McArtney and me sat at a desk with our list. Gordon stays at Dunalistar, Dalginross.
  2. Helpers (maybe best in pairs) can come and pick a small number of addresses to focus on (say 5).
  3. We will write the particulars on each invitation (address, person,contact details) and give helpers Sandra McRitchie’s e-mail address.(CCC secretary)
  4. We tell folks what they have to ask (would you like to come? How many Folk? Any food allergies etc? Do you need a lift? Do you know of any neighbours or friends that we could also contact re Meal?……and?) and we’ll ask helpers to follow up with phone calls and enquires best they can.
  5. Helpers head off…and either then or later, stomp the streets to their few addresses (or take a spin to Crieff etc) and get the invites out and the info in which they simply e-mail to Sandra later. Sandra is in command of the Mother Ship and all information  will be beamed there.
  6. As info rolls in we’ll amend our spreadsheet such that by Monday/Tuesday latest we can see where …and how many gaps we have and concentrate on them as the week unfolds.
    The critical thing is to get an early idea of numbers so we can allow Andrew Scott to gear up accordingly (he’s doing all the food). The idea starts with the vague reckoning that maybe 100 folks might come along to the meal. By Sunday night, if we get enough helpers for reconnoitring, we should get a clearer picture to make a fair guestimate of numbers.

It will also be an opportunity to see if the Community can better keep contact with folks that might appreciate or need help as things move forward. We can keep a better watching brief over the vulnerable.

Also ideal if you don’t all appear bang on 11.30 as our administration help desk might implode and we’d hate to mess  Gordon’s carpet.

Also only admin staff get tea & biscuits. Street walkers can bring their own thermos & bun if so inclined. We cannot have Mr M’s turning into a cafe as we have By-Laws to consider along with a much depleted biscuit tin.

Ken Heiser and a platoon of ramblers are expected to muck in Saturday so the streets should be jolly with the sound of their Alpine yodelling.

Feel free to pass this to other folk you think might have a mo to muck in. If too many folk turn up we can have a street party !!!

Thanking you in anticipation

Andrew Finlayson – On behalf of the organisers.

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