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Can dog walkers stop throwing full dog poo bags over the wall into the wooded area at the entrance to Dalginross Gardens please ? The Gardener is not employed to clean up after inconsiderate dog owners. The fact that there is a bin directly opposite the estate makes it even more disgusting.

One dog walker who regularly walks through the gardens and allows his dogs to leave poo in residents personal gardens has been approached and asked to clean up after his dogs.

I have raised the issue of dog poo around the village continually but will state again in the hope that those who don’t, do….

Please be aware that bags can be deposited in any refuse bin in the village, not just dog poo bins.

Perth & Kinross Council encourages dog owners to act responsibly and clear up after their pooch. It is an offence for any person responsible for a dog, not to immediately remove any excrement after their dog has fouled, and dispose of it appropriately.

If you are aware of any dog fouling you can report them anonymously by telephoning 01738 476476 with details of the fouling.

Offenders can receive a Fixed Penalty of £40.

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