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Many residents have been asking about Air Brick Covers.  Please find information that we posted a while back from a company who can provide them:

There are many items for sale to help prevent you home from being flooded, this is just one and we are in no way saying that you must install them.   If you are interested in this product please contact the representative (details below).

Paul Hendi of the Scottish Flood Forum approves of and promotes these Air Brick Covers that can be used as preventative measure in the event of flooding.  Richard who is the representative visited the village last week and met with Paul and local resident John King who has a sample.  Should anyone want to see it please contact John or you can speak to Paul.  There are residents in the village who have already installed them.
Fuller information can be obtained at website Easifit Ventguard recently came out top in a flood testing exercise for the supply of airbrick flood plates for East Riding Council. Two estates have now been supplied – Hedon and Bilton estates. If any residents are concerned about the quality and effectiveness of Ventguard they need have no worries.
As regards price, the normal price is £42.95 but presently have a discount which reduces the price to £32.20 for the 9×6 and £30.05 for the 9×3.  Recently introducted the option of a Ventguard with an aluminum faceplate rather than stainless steel The prices offered to Comrie residents are as follows
Stainless Steel  9×6  –  £30       9×3  –   £28
Aluminium         9×6  –  £28       9×3  –   £26     Prices include delivery.
These prices would apply to individual orders from householders and can only be obtained by phoning 01382 779606.
Richard  Humphreys
Ventguard Products Ltd
8 Gairloch Road
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