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get on first page of google;Our website was visited over 56,000 during the month.

87,728 pages on the site were visited.  Here is the Top 10 (not including the Home page):

  1. Business Directory
  2. Comrie Fortnight News
  3. News Page/Posts
  4. About Comrie
  5. Self Catering in Comrie
  6. Events Calendar
  7. For Sale/Swap
  8. Activities in Comrie
  9. Food & Drink in Comrie
  10. B&B in Comrie

Our visitors were from the continents of Europe followed by North America, Asia, South America, Africa and Australia.  The site was most visited by viewers from the United States followed by the UK, Germany, France, China the Philippines and many more from around the world.

Sending you all a huge Thank you for helping to make our community website such a success
Comrie Community Council

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