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Please find a transcript of the announcement made at the Community Council last night by Graham McWilliams:

I am sure that we want to thank Mr Frame for his generosity and benevolence over the last few years in providing the opportunity for the community to use a portion of the land formerly occupied by Comrie Garage. The use of the open space has been a real asset to the village; but the planned building of a Co-operative Supermarket and flats has caused much distress with local business owners and villagers, alike…with a perceived change in how our village would look and feel.

Over the last few months I have had various conversations with Mr Frame about the land development and through great benevolence from a villager, and following the approval of the Kirk Session, Comrie Parish Church will purchase the land formerly occupied by Comrie Garage, for the ongoing benefit of the community.

Mr Frame has indicated that he will reclaim the land which is currently being used by the community, at the beginning of January (and this is right for him to do) and, following the legal transactions Comrie Parish Church will dedicate the land to the glory of God and open the full space to form St Kessog’s Square: to be used for the benefit of the community.

 There are still a number of areas to be worked on and our local Presbytery has to give approval for the land purchase. However, once Church and Legal matters have been resolved the land will be owned by Comrie Parish Church and managed by the Kirk Session, who are the Trustees of the church.

 Last Christmas time the village had a difficult time following the floods. So it is hoped that this Good News, the generosity shown in this act of purchasing the land to create St Kessog’s Square, will lift the spirits of all villagers who can look forward to a brighter 2014. 

With every blessing to all in the village.

Graham McWilliams
Parish Minister


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