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It saddens me to report this but last night there was a repetition of anti social behaviour on Dalginross that was experienced a few months ago. Just before nine last night, 12th Oct, a local resident was disturbed by a crashing noise from somewhere outside.

The home owner went to check, could hear voices and then saw boys running off. Later there was a knock at the door but on checking there here was no one about. A few minutes later three boys about 14-15 years old were standing across the road and gesturing. They were seen again running away from somebody toward Gowanlea.

On checking around the property in daylight the home owner realised the noise was caused by a stone. During the previous episode stones were thrown at the windows on three occasions resulting in some damage.

This behaviour more disturbing than threatening but the concern is about damage to property and the effect on more vulnerable residents in the area.

The police have been informed but would ask that anyone knows who these children/teenagers are that they are made aware and ask them to consider who they are effecting with this behaviour and that is it is not acceptable.

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