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As the majority of you will know Perth & Kinross Council have promoted Omnibus orders free of charge for Community events for the past five years which has proven to be a huge success. For the new Councillors and members of the Community Council’s that may not be familiar with this process I have attached a guidance note and TTRO application form:



The deadlines shown below are for the submissions of events/parades/galas that will require a TTRO such as a road closure, suspension of parking or speed limit. The events that will qualify for this are community events that are non-profit making, Farmers Markets do not qualify under these orders.

There are two remaining Omnibus Orders this year and the dates for submissions are as follows:

Deadline for submission of 31st July2019 (for events after the 15th of August onwards)

Deadline for submission of 31st October 2019 (for events after the 14th of November onwards)

Should anyone have specific questions please contact me direct.


Colin Heggie
Superintendent Roads Network Management
The Environment Service
Pullar House
35 Kinnoull Street

Tel :  01738 477248
Email :


Please advise all your local groups etc that they should submit applications for events as soon as they know the dates. This will ensure that all their events are promoted in time with no costs for advertising being levied to them.

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