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This message came in from Emily Greaves:

I have managed to secure last minute funding from the Big Bike Revival to run a cycling project this week. The project is being run in partnership with Comrie Croft Bikes and Sustrans, all activities are FREE.

I would really encourage you to take part, these events aren’t about confidence they are about getting back on a bike in a safe and fun environment.

Cycling is a great family activity and Comrie is one of the best locations I know for cycling of any sort, it has good access to national cycle paths, good road cycling, great mountain bike trails and hundreds of different routes you can just do from your door step from 2 – 100 miles and we should all be making the most of this.

If you have a bike but has been in your shed or garage for a while and needs a bit of attention then we can sort that out for you. If you lack confidence on a bike and would like to improve your skills we can help. If you are unsure when riding on the road, especially over the winter and would like some advice, we can help with that also.

If you don’t own a bike or a helmet let me know and I will make sure one is available for you to use.

Please see photos below for information regarding each activity.




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