Dalginross House Care Home

Dalginross House Care Home
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Dalginross House exists to provide permanent and respite supported accommodation for those individuals who, for reasons of age or disability, are no longer able to live fully independent lives within the community.

The care provided for each resident is tailored to meet their needs, this is in recognition of the individuality of all persons. Achievement of meeting the needs of the individual is dependant upon a combination of two factors.
Firstly, staff education within a caring environment is essential, in order that the needs of each resident are recognised and understood. This understanding is then applied in the second element, the “Review Procedure”, which is an on-going assessment of needs, which determines appropriate care practice for each individual. The purpose of this is to foster and maintain independence and dignity, thus enabling our residents to continue to live full lives, actively participating in not only the affairs of Dalginross House, but also within the wider community outside the home.

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