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Comrie Back Pain and Physiotherapy Clinic
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Comrie Back Pain and Physiotherapy Clinic
Trevor Griffiths is a Chartered Physiotherapist and Sports Therapist with a clinic in Comrie and over 20 years experience. Trevor was the physiotherapist for the European Solheim Cup team at Loch Lomond in 2000

He uses the Bowen Technique, Neuromuscular massage, Manipulative therapy and Sports Therapy. Trevor is an advanced qualified practitioner and teacher of the Bowen Technique and runs regular training courses throughout the UK.

Physiotherapy services for:          

Back pain, neck and shoulder pain
Headaches and migraine
Sports injuries
TMJ related conditions
Respiratory conditions
Chronic viral fatigue syndrome and ME
Arthritic conditions
Pregnancy and childhood disorders

To book your physiotherapy treatment with Trevor

07887 597 455

47 Tay Avenue,Comrie PH6 2PF

Telephone: 01764 670567
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