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Our October meeting will commence at 7pm with the first half hour of the meeting to conduct our AGM requisite items in order to receive our council administration grant.
This will take the format of the Treasurer, Secretary and Chairperson’s Annual Reports along with the voting of office bearers.  This should only take at the most half an hour when we will then move onto the items as listed below:

Speeding and Speed Signs (A85)

Both Transport Scotland and Police Scotland will attend the meeting to discuss speeding through and into the village and our proposal to move the flashing sign at the West end of the village to a more appropriate place further West and what we believe to be a faulty motorcyclist warning sign.

Shakey Bridge

Dave Stubbs of PKC Greenspace will attend the meeting to give an update on the temporary repair of the bridge and their proposals on it’s maintenance in the future where they have indicated community involvement.

We would encourage residents to attend to voice their opinions, Thursday 6th October 7.00pm at the White Church.

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