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During the recent visit to Comrie from the Mayor of our twin town (Carleton Place, Canada) there was a discussion about canoeing in the rivers both here and in Canada.

Andrew Finlayson (Chairperson of Comrie Community Council) came up with this wonderful route to paddle to Carleton Place:

One would only have to float the boat…stow the paddle.. crack the Stella lie back and…..
Let the Earn whisk you to the Tay and the great tide would sook you oot to the North Sea where south east breezes might puff you up the coast to be dragged through the ripping tide of the Pentland Firth, sooked through the Minches (pardon my French) and spat oot into the Atlantic whereby the North Atlantic Drift would draw you down past the coast of Spain to be picked up by the Canary Cold Current and on down the coast of Africa till the the North Equatorial Drift would ping you across the Atlantic to the West Indies whereupon the warm Gulf Stream would waft you up the coast of North America till the gentle push of the Labrador Current would squeeze you in to Gulf of St Lawrence where one would wait for the tide… to sook you up the mighty St Lawrence River, past Quebec & Montreal whereupon you would take oot yer paddle..put away the tinnies..and paddle like a dervish up the Ottawa river ..nodding fraternal greetings to riverbank Algonquin Indians as you pass…and about 20 some miles beyond Ottawa you would hang a left into the Mississippi River and, with a final 20 mile paddle frenzy, deliver yourself to Carlton Place at the jetty at Murphy’s Falls Pub & Restaurant where one would regale the locals with tales of your voyage till the wee hours expecting much bevvy gratis. The return trip would be more problematic and might involve the use of whales.

As you can imagine we had a good laugh and thought  nothing more about it until George Lees (who has recently been to Carleton Place with his family) arrived at the Community Council meeting with a large box, which he presented to Andrew on behalf of the townspeople of Carleton Place.

The box contained this lovely paddle with an inscription dedicated to Comrie.  Please find the picture of Andrew unwrapping the gift and the along with CC Davie Roberston and George Lees showing it proudly.

We would like to thank the towns people of Carleton Place for the kind gift and we hope to proudly have it on display in the White Church in the very near future – Many Thanks

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