Melville Lane Concerns for Flambeaux Parade

Following a number of complaints and concerns regarding the potholes at Melville Lane I can confirm that the Flambeaux Committee will effect a temporary repair to the lane to ensure that the Flambeaux carriers are safe.

I can also confirm that PKC have committed to repair the potholes at the South side of Dalginross Bridge (at the Field of Refuge entrance) again for safety before they finish up on Friday.


Tonight – CDT EGM 7.30pm at the White Church

A wee minding for tonight. Your input is appreciated and valued, and if you don’t make your views known no-one will know about them:


Whisky Galore in collaboration with Comrie Heritage – 24th September

Comrie Cinema and Events club presents the wonderful original Whisky Galore movie which will be screened in collaboration with the Comrie Heritage group on Saturday 24th September at WRI hall. Tickets £5.00 from Hansen’s Kitchen. BYO dram. 7.30pm.



Auditions – Sleeping Beauty – 18th September

  • sleeping-beauty-audition-flyer

Comrie Christmas Lights – Survey


The placing of Christmas lights in the village was discussed at the Community Council meeting last week.  In order to gauge the feelings of the residents can we ask you to complete the survey at this link:  it takes less than a minute – Thank you, your input is valued.

Live Music this weekend


Another floral display destroyed – This has to stop !!!

What is it with the disrespect going on ???

Yet again another floral display by Comrie in Colour has been destroyed !!

If you know who did it, please report them. This has to stop !!!!


White Church Community Centre AGM – 8th September

Comrie Community Centre invite you to attend their AGM.  They are looking for new Committee members to join the team. If you are interested in helping please go along or get in touch.


Pottery Night Classes at MoKa Pottery


Be Aware !

This just in from a resident:

‘Heard there were some dodgy characters round about village this morning door knocking for gardening work …They were just at my door the now asking about buying my motorhome’

Please make sure your elderly neighbours are aware. Best to make sure garages and sheds are locked along with homes. These folk may be genuine but it is better to be safe than sorry.