Congratulations to P7 Pupil Sarah


“Out of this World” – P7 pupil Sarah Mackintosh was this year’s winner of the competition to design a picture for the Comrie Fortnight Programme.

This year’s theme was “Space” in recognition of Tim Peake’s journey to the International Space Station.

Business as usual at the Royal Hotel


It’s business as usual at The Royal!

Despite the scaffolding, The Royal will be open as normal as essential maintenance is carried out to the facia and roof of the grand old lady over the next few weeks!

We look forward to welcoming you.

Local Volunteer/s Required

Do you live or work near the Public Toilets in the village and would like to help the community keep them open ?

Comrie Community Council are looking for a volunteer to close the toilets on Saturdays and Sundays (5pm-6pm’ish).

If you would like to help, please contact any of the Community Councillors or send a message using the contact tab at the top of this page – Thank you

Agricultural Floodbank Restoration Scheme

This just in from Ann Cowan one of our PKC Councillors:

We have received confirmation that the Scottish Government will administer the Agricultural Floodbank Restoration Scheme.

Farmers who require support to restore man-made floodbanks on their farms can now apply for the scheme. It is made up of £1 million funding and will cover the standards costs of repairs, up to a cap of £20,000 per business, for farmers affected by flooding during December and early January. Applications are now being accepted until February 29th, and Farmers will have until June 30th to complete the works.

Further information about the scheme and the applications form can be found here…/al…/floodbank-repair-scheme/

The Scottish Government recently issued a press release regarding the scheme which can be found here…/Flood-funding-available-2214.…


Live Music at the Comrie Hotel


Missing Cat – Please keep an eye out

I received this message from Francesca:

One of our cats has gone missing from Strowan Road, Comrie. He is a black and white cat, average size. His body is black, his face is black and white and he has white dipped paws. He went missing Tuesday of this week and this is unusual for him. He looks like the Felix cat.
Please could you get in touch if you have seen this cat, 07782 213737 Thanks

cat.1 cat

Local Development Plan – Have Your Say

PKC LogoLocal Development Plan

Strathearn (and the rest of Tayside) is covered by a Local Development Plan. This was the plan which PKC used to decide that Crieff couldn’t have an Aldi on the field they wanted.
The LDP the council work from now was Adopted on 3rd February 2014. It is now up for REVIEW, which means that a MAIN ISSUES REPORT has to be published. The new LDP will then eventually be proposed, which will cover 2018-2023, when adopted. This will be very aptly called LDP2.

In the meantime, all residents in Strathearn and elsewhere are being asked to contribute to the Main Issues Report by giving your suggestions on the following: housing supply; provision of business land; natural and built environment; transportation and sustainability issues.

In short, this is your opinion on WHERE development SHOULD or SHOULD NOT occur in the area.

The DROP-IN for our area is at the Community Campus, Crieff on Saturday, 30th January, 11am – 3pm, when you can speak to council planners

If you’ve got any suggestions/opinions please go along to the meeting

A message from our young folk – Skate Park

A message from our young folk…..

We have made it and reached our fundraising target so it’s all stations go!

The young folk have been talking with the contractor:
Concreate Skateparks
and revisions to the starting design are being worked on now.

We will have the plans for everyone to see on:
Monday January 11th 2016
from 7pm – 8:30pm
upstairs in the White Church
and will put revised plans on line when available.

We will have a mock up of the park in the hall made with help from Cubs & Beavers so you get an impression of what it will be like.

We then expect to start building as soon as the plan is officially approved by SportsScotland so we can look forward to
a bike and skate park in place by April 2016!

Many thanks to all for your continuing support!


Road Adoption Scheme via PKC

Are you aware of PKC’s policy of assessing requests to bring private roads or footpaths up to a standard where they could be adopted ?

It is a method by which the Council gives some help (up to 40%) so that roads and pathways once completed and adopted relieve the owners of future maintenance.

The 40% is applicable for domestic premises but they also give up to 25% for non-domestic premises. Better still is the offer of 100% from the Council for religious or registered charitable organisations.

If you wish to find out more about the scheme the Council’s Road Department can help you.  It is applicable for roads and footpaths that remain in private ownership but are used by the general public

Comrie Cubs Christmas Postal Service – Reminder