Comrie Community Council is a local voluntary organisation representing the views of the local community to the local authority (Perth & Kinross Council) and other agencies supporting community activity across a wide range of issues of public interest.

All our Community Council meetings are open to the public. Minutes of our meetings are published here on the website and copies available from the Post Office or by contacting any of the Community Councillors.

Whilst we are there to ascertain, co-ordinate and express to our local authority  along with other public bodies; the views of the community, we can also take such actions that are deemed to be in the interest of that community as appears to be practicable.

A folder with Community Council information is available in hard copy to view at the village library.

Information available includes;

Back Issues of Minutes of our Meetings
Introduction to The Community Council..what it does ..contacts etc
Other Relevant Public Information eg The most recent Flood Report with Flood Maps from PKC.

Contact Us

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