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Would you be interested in  Joining the Community Tea Club?
The good news is that the club has now been launched. Please find a membership application form via this link; community-tea-club-membership
Please note, I only have a limited number of tea plants which will be distributed on a first come first serve basis. Plants will be available for collection on 2nd June from Comrie Croft when there will be a planting demonstration near the tea factory for members at 10.30 am.

This is a new project based at Comrie Croft part funded by LEADER and part privately funded by Beverly Wainwright who works as tea consultant for who are a group of 9 tea planters based across Perthshire, Angus and Fife.

Building work will start in May and hopefully be finished by July in time to conduct some tea experiments using leaf grown in the various gardens. In addition to the processing room, the factory will have a small tasting room to showcase the teas produced and to use as a base to run tea learning courses and tea making training for growers.

Community Tea Club

This is for local schools and individuals in the Crieff & Comrie area who would like to have a go at growing tea in their home gardens.


Annual membership of the tea club is £25 and for the first year, this includes the following:

  • 3 tea plants (worth £10.50 each) – introductory membership offer for this year only
  • Planting demonstration and instruction
  • Visit to a local tea garden (transport not included)
  • Winter protection and aftercare instructions
  • Discounts on tasting classes
  • Discount on additional tea plants
  • Small packet of tea once production is starts

Associate annual membership for those wishing to join in events but not plant tea is £15

Tea growing

Tea plants are Camellias and grow well in our local acid soils, they do require some TLC and will need to be protected from deer. Bear in mind that tea plants take a few years to mature but eventually, the idea is that once the plants have grown, members will all pluck/harvest their leaves on the same day. These leaves will be processed in the Scottish tea factory and used to create a “Communi-tea” blend with tea sourced from small growers world-wide. Hopefully this tea will eventually be sold locally with a share of profits going back into the local community. Members will receive a small packet of this tea as part of their membership fee.

I look forward to hearing from you
Beverly Wainwright
UK mobile 07752 449373
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