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‘Comrie Solidarity with Refugees’,  have been mobilising support in the village.  They have already held a meeting, set up a Facebook page and with the help of CDT, especially Ray McMaster, they now have acess to a warm and dry storage area where they can keep things in readiness for the refugee families coming to Perthshire. Libby Urquhart also spoke of the group at the latest of the Comrie Conversations whose topic was ‘Refugees, why should we care?’.

They would like to form a ‘core team’ of motivated people to take the activities forward and share tasks. There has been a great response to the call for domestic items, bedding and kitchen things, gathering all the items donated together sorting them out and then taking them in to Perth Council ready for distribution.

Please follow this link to read a well written document explaining the current situation in Syria and the international refugee crisis: Refugee Response

If you wish to help or are looking for more information, pictures and a list of needful things, please visit the group’s Facebook page at:


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