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Dear All,

Comrie Cares plan to have a clothing collection in the White Church on Sunday 30th of April. from 11.00 am till 5 pm.
Our target group will be teenagers and young people, but we will happily accept everything that is offered because we can find a good use for it all. 
The date is planned to co incide with a collection by “Re-Act” in  Edinburgh. This is the organisation that hosted Val Hadden on the Greek island of Chios.   Val gave a talk to the Comrie Cares group in early March, and it was suggested at that time that perhaps we could organise a clothing collection which would help some of the young people whom she met while volunteering there. 
Re-Act, Refugee Action Scotland, is a not-for-profit humanitarian aid project launched in response to the worldwide refugee crisis.  They are part of a growing organisation throughout the UK, working to fundraise and collect vital donations from all over Scotland to transport to the refugee camps in Calais and throughout other crisis areas of Europe, including Chios.
You can see their web site at this address
Their guidance on collecting is
“We generally find that most of the adults we meet in camps are small/medium in size and require footwear of EUR 36 – 43 in size.
Items for babies and children are also appreciated. 
The only other guidance required is that the items be in at least a fairly good condition. While the people we help are in need, it’s also the case that the clothing/shoes donation they receive in the camps might be their last for quite a while so we try to ensure that what they receive is going to sustain them for a respectable while.”
I would really appreciate your help in gathering and sorting things, advertising, encouraging local groups and schools to get involved.
Please let me know if you can help in any way. My e mail, phone and address are below.
Best wishes,
Libby Urquhart, ARCH, Olney Bank,The Ross,Comrie,Perthshire,PH6 2JU
Tel   +44 (0)1764 671179
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