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orchardSeptember Work Day approaches!

The orchard is looking so good with apples, in particular, adding colour as the Discovery, Katy and Worcester Pearmain trees redden up as the apples ripen.
Come and join us between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. on September 7th for a variety of tasks. We may even be picking some of the earlier ripening apples. Come and see if there are any available. If there are, we’ll be delighted to share them out for a donation to orchard funds.
Unfortunately our sweet cherry trees are just not thriving and we feel that they need to be removed before the other stone fruit is affected in a similar way. Some of us are trying our hands at rooting growing tips of vigorous thornless brambles to grow in place of the cherries. The metal cage, part of the old assault course, should provide supports for wires to train the canes along. It will be a work in progress until we get the plants established. If you have a thornless bramble and would like to be involved in rooting some growing tips, send the orchard a post or come up to the orchard on the work day and we’ll explain what is required.

Apple Day is planned for Sunday October 12th. There will be a display of our apple varieties, and the opportunity to taste. There are also some young trees which will be available for a donation to cover costs and make a little money for our orchard fund. These trees were produced by grafting prunings from our own orchard apple trees on to purchased semi-vigorous rootstocks (MM106 for those in the know!).
We are also hoping to produce some apple products to help swell the orchard’s very limited coffers. If you would like to help by making apple jelly, apple pies, apple cake, or such like, for us, again, please get in touch. Get in touch with Comrie Development Trust to which we are affiliated.
The mulched and juicer will be in operation. If you would like some fresh apple juice on the day, please bring along a clean plastic milk carton or two. The juice freezes very well indeed if it is put promptly in to the freezer, but much nicer if drunk within a day or two of being made. Oh, and I forgot, if you there will be apples to wash, stalks to remove, and wedges to cut before the mulching! Come and give us a hand!! We’ll need it!
Hoping to see you at the Sept 7th Work Day and / or the Oct. 12th Apple Day!!
It’s all go!!

The Victoria and Swan plums are beginning to ripen. Hurrah! victoria plums
When ripe, the Victorias are a pinky golden colour, while the Swans are dark red.Take a punnet or a polybag and help yourself to a few. Then next time you are in the main street in Comrie, pop in to the Comrie Development Trust office and offer a small donation, perhaps 50p for about a lb. of fruit. The orchard needs funding for various tasks it has to do.
If you pick slightly unripe fruit it will ripen at home within a few days. Of course unripe fruit makes a delicious crumble! Just remember to sweeten it!


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