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What an absolute coup!

To celebrate their 10th Comrie Conversation, they are hosting the first, touring edition of this fantastic show (see 22nd January at the White Church.

Two Minute Manifesto is a monthly mix of ideas, music, poetry, performance and political commentary, currently based around a live monthly show at the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh. Comrie launches the first of monthly, touring editions on the lead up to the May elections.

If you only had two minutes to persuade an audience to back your idea for changing Scotland, what would it be? Free public transport? A tax on images of Margaret Thatcher? A Jimmy Shand impersonator in every classroom?

From the sublime to the ridiculous, the provocative to the pragmatic, ideas are the beating heart of a society. Here, we invite you to take their pulse.

For each show presenters David Greig and Sarah Beattie Smith are joined by a hand- picked selection of interesting folk, for shows where ideas, politics and culture combine in a heady mix. Guests get two minutes to present their single most important idea for creating a better world.

Two Minute Manifesto blends music, poetry, discussion, audience participation and provocations from a selection of the country’s finest thinkers, pundits, artists, activists and raconteurs.

Come along, enjoy a great evening lubricated by the White Church Bar and help is celebrate the 10th Comrie Conversation in style. Tickets £5 on door.

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