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ComrieConversations.7Comrie Conversations is delighted to announce that we have secured the Spectator blogger and freelance journalist Alex Massie as the third member of the panel for the next Comrie Conversation on Tuesday 18th Nov at 19.30 at the White Church. Alex will join Lesley Riddoch, and co-founder of Generation YES, Kirsten Thornton, to continue our discussions following the referendum.

Many of you may have seen Lesley and Alex on BBC on Friday night, and along with Kirsten I am sure they will make fascinating contributions to the issue for the evening, “What next for Scotland?”

At the end of Tuesday night’s session we will be asking what issues you would like to see discussed in future conversations to help us all work together to build a better future for Scotland.

Please spread the word and feel free to print and display the poster featured.

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