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Comrie Conversations 3

Just about time for the third of four Comrie Conversations this year. The September discussion has three speakers taking part. 

We are delighted to announce that we will have a representative from the Scottish Youth Parliament (speaker tbc) to install lively discussion from a youth perspective. We are going to do some outreach at the schools to see if we can boost the younger audience to take part on the 24th Sept. (See

Karine Polwart is, of course, a fantastic musician, singer and songwriter. She is also a passionate advocate for the future she would like to see for our country and making this decision based, above all, on values (see

Phil Hanlon is Professor of Public Health at Glasgow University. Phil has recently published a great wee book called “After Now – what next for a healthy Scotland”. He will set out what he sees as the big challenges we face to create a healthier Scotland (see

….and a trailer for the November Comrie Conversations….Iain Macwhirter, journalist and author of the recent book (and TV series), ‘The Road to Referendum’ has agreed to take part. More news to follow (see

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We look forward to welcoming you all to the White Church on the 24th !

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