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comrie-croft-logoI received this message from Andrew at Comrie Croft today……

Just a wee thing we’ve decided to do for locals and some of the lovely people we get the pleasure of working with …

On 10th or 11th August we’ve got a few pitches going for folk (especially families) up for a bit of free camping.

Is there a catch? Of course there is! Super-cool photographer (and family camper) Ian Potter will be trying to capture some natural images of folk around the campfire and doing whatever you like to do when you are camping.

You have to be happy to have pictures of you and/or your family potentially used for Comrie Croft promotional purposes. You’ll also get copies of any pictures which feature you and your family.


Email saying if you want to come and which day/night you prefer. Places are limited on a first come, first served basis. Bring a guitar/banjo and come just for the evening or for the day

All the best

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