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comriecommunitycouncillogoSadly Gill Brock has resigned from the Community Council.  Gill has worked tirelessly for the community over many years and we thank her for all her stalwart effort.  She will be missed.

Due to the reduced numbers it means that we are required to hold a By-Election to bring in new Community Councillors.

It is extremely important that we replace and increase the number of members or we will lose our Community Council, something I am sure you do not want to happen. 

PKC LogoLocal Councils now control Community Councils and we have been provided with information from them as follows:

Please click on this document for the official notification: Comrie & District Notice 2015

This document shows the timetable of events on the run up to the By-Election: Comrie & District CC Timetable 2015

If you wish to stand as a candidate or know of someone who would be suitable please complete or share this Nomination Form.  The instructions on how to complete it are clearly stated on the form:  Nomination Form – By-Election Comrie 2015

As you are aware we have a vibrant community in Comrie.  The Community Council have been instrumental in many projects including:

  • Keeping our Public Toilets open and in good repair. We are one of the few communities who have worked with the local council to do this.
  • Producing a local Resilience Plan working with our emergency services and local council partners to ensure that we have a robust plan in place to meet any emergency e.g. flooding, that may occur in the future. The plan has taken many months to put together and the envy of many communities.
  • Continuing the monitoring of our river levels, ensuring that the local council continue to hold regular inspections and pushing for further flood protection.
  • Reporting Road issues and continuous monitoring of complaints, to both the local council and BEAR Scotland
  • Organising the Annual Hayride for Comrie’s children
  • Keeping our community informed via our own website and Facebook page
  • Assisting in Twinning events and Student Exchanges
  • More recently taking on the funding, repair and organising of our on-street Christmas lights

The list above by no means covers all that the Community Council do on behalf of the Community and have been working hard with a small team for a long time now.  Our community is commented on by many as a shining light in community spirit. The Community Council work quietly in the background but we can’t lose it.

Please support your Community Council, Comrie needs people to come forward to ensure that we continue to be the best we can – Thank you



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