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Please find an brief update from on of PKC’s Senior Flooding Engineers:

Flood Risk Management Plans
The Council has been working with SEPA to develop new Flood Risk Management (FRM) Strategies and Local FRM Plans. The drafts of these documents formed part of a national public consultation between December 2014 and June 2015. The final FRM Strategies will be published by SEPA by 22 December 2015 and the Local FRM Plans will be published by local authorities in June 2016. Comrie is located within Potentially Vulnerable Area reference 08/14 in terms of flood risk and will have identified measures included in both the FRM Strategy and Local FRM Plan. Those measures will be informed by the ongoing consultant’s study (see below).

Our most recent report to committee on this process can be found at

Please also refer to SEPA’s website or the Council’s website for further information.

Comrie Flood Study
As you are aware, the Council has engaged consultants, Mouchel, to carry out more detailed and localised investigations into a flood scheme for Comrie. These investigations have included the completion of a preliminary ground investigation in April of this year and an extensive drainage survey in May. Further topographical survey work was also completed recently. This work is allowing a diverse range of potential options for a flood scheme to be analysed and tested through the use of hydraulic modelling. Options also are being assessed on a technical, environmental and economic basis in order to determine if they are effective and practicable with the aim of taking the ‘preferred’ option forward in a formal flood scheme. However before this there will be an initial round of consultation within the local community on the options that have been considered by the consultants as well as the preferred option. This feasibility work is nearing completion and it is hoped that the community consultation will take place in the coming months. We are keen to involve the community in this consultation and will be in touch with the new Community Council to the appropriate time. This work will be very important in ensuring that the scheme has community support and in allowing our consultants to take on board the views of the community prior to finalising their report.

Property Level Protection Pilot Scheme
This pilot scheme has been run by the Council in partnership with the Scottish Fire & Rescue Service and the Scottish Flood Forum. Comrie was included as one of the four initial pilot areas. The scheme identified 365 households within Comrie that could potentially benefit. At the outset, all of these properties where contacted by post and scheme information leaflets were provided. The Fire Service made personal contact with 354 properties in Comrie (97% of the total). From this initial contact, 51 free property surveys were undertaken. The pilot scheme was recently extended to Alyth and Bankfoot following the flooding in July and so there are still a small number of property surveys to be completed. However once these are completed, it will be possible to establish an updated estimated cost for the recommended products and we will again contact any residents that have signed up to establish which products they which to purchase. Unfortunately to date no residents have opted to purchase flood products under the scheme.

Other Activity
The Council continues to inspect the watercourses in Comrie and to assess whether or not they are in a condition which gives rise to a risk of flooding. Where this is the case, and where clearance and repair works would substantially reduce that risk, then the Council will add these works to a schedule and will carry them out. At present, the Water of Ruchill, the River Earn and the River Lednock are scheduled for inspections every three months but we will obviously consider any concerns raised in the interim period.

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