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The committee has been working hard to try and make something happen during the Comrie Fortnight in these unusual and uncertain times.

Our usual events are not going ahead but we still have some socially distanced activities planned for residents and virtual competitions to include those who can’t join us – so watch this space to keep informed![0]=68.ARBBgGp3obhpBsrBgtfW7Q_yvxA2PcdAiUWRv0BXM3qn7f8LRCkZFNcorjt-NSFnEuIHRISNSr_0lkeI9Dnh-WkMyqwhE_LzhnlIzsfQ-DuqD124ve1kkOrUEiGeYogPPN1rW3jZWI-5Nzd34vnObCp_0xH-rZFBdR_hyzKXdyF0LXw4geU0VRTBb-4r9H87H0k2Mg3xG4cBsS78HINHovcRjBjFVvrsPfdA-OwpRpS6f0iyRtPTeV6NEQ4trzDlvEjFMhm7MGXrmHVkU21_eC6zTOiPhsImMFbV1sktV9XkTIG4DYVbIC4qWKczjvYDzFNvKgqM20zjCAt0kHkVyLIxkjVe&__tn__=k*F&tn-str=k*F

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