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The first week of August is almost upon us, and Comrie Community Orchard needs it’s monthly dose of tender loving care!
Indeed, a great deal of care has been ongoing during the dry spell to keep the trees well watered and to thin the fruit on the productive trees.
There is lots to be done, so you are invited to come up to the orchard on the first Sunday of every month to help commencing this weekend, 4th August between 11a.m. and 3p.m., or for a shorter period of time.

Residents and visitors alike are welcome to attend. ¬†While up at the camp with us you can lend a hand in various ways. Please ensure that you bring gear appropriate for the weather conditions, including robust footwear and a pair of gardening gloves. If the air is still, an insect repellent may be useful. Don’t forget some lunch if you are staying the course, and drinks, especially if it proves to be really warm. There is a warm welcome for anyone who would like to just come and see how the orchard is progressing and have a chat with those of us involved.

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