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Comrie Primary Bike Club takes place every Wednesday after school from 3 – 4:30pm, you most likely will see us in our Hi-Vis cycling on local paths and tracks at this time.

In August 2016, 4 volunteer parents started the bike club. The club has grown from 15 to 48 members (30% of the school), we now have 11 parent volunteers, and there is a growing waiting list.

Weekly turnout is in excess of 40 members, although a bit less in the winter. The number of children cycling to school has risen dramatically. The bike shed overflows daily and many bikes have to be parked in the playground.

The club is improving the confidence, fitness, health and wellbeing of the children (and volunteers), whilst giving them the opportunity to learn new skills in a safe but challenging environment. It gives many children, particularly those from low-income families, experiences they otherwise would not get. The whole club works as a team, from the volunteer parents working together and planning sessions, to the older children taking the register and supervising bike safety-checks, and everyone looking out for each other on rides.

Click on the link below to see a video about the club. The video was made by local girl Isla Cameron, Ailsa Harrower and Jessie MacDougall did the filming.

The POC for bike club is Emily Greaves ( or Fiona Perry (

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