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double-yellow-line-road-markingIt has come to our attention that a few in our community have had concerns regarding the recent re-instatement of road markings in and around the village.  Sadly however it would seem that some have taken to verbal abuse and unwanted bullying comments on Facebook.  Please remember that the members of the Community Council are in voluntary positions serving the community as best we can and directed by the community.

The Community Council have over a long period of time, years in fact, been receiving concerns from residents and visitors of inappropriate parking and parking which could cause accident and injury.  The police and traffic wardens noted that in order to enforce the parking regulations that faded lines would be re-instated and lines added where necessary to meet with parking regulations.

BEAR Scotland are the body who use the regulations to determine where yellow parking lines should be situated.  Following the abuse and hurtful remarks directed at some members of the community we have contacted BEAR for a final statement so that everyone is in possession of the facts, that there is no ambiguity as to the situation and that it will not change as we go forward. We as the Community Council or our family members are not responsible for the law, that abuse in any form is uncalled for and hurtful when we are representing the views of the community and trying to get the best for our village.

Message from BEAR Scotland– Copied to the Government Transport Office

The lines have all been put back as per the Traffic Order, which is the legal document that specifies the restrictions through the village.

The lining on Dundas Street had a large section missing previously (although the signs associated with double yellow lining were still present).  This lining has now been reinstated to the way it should have been.

For your information, the centreline is programmed to be refreshed tomorrow.  This will complete the works through the village.



Dj MacDonald

Engineer – South  Planned Maintenance

BEAR Scotland | North West Unit

Direct Line: 0330 0080 594

We hope that this will finally settle the tension and would ask that in order to prevent one of your family members suffering an accident, as happened recently we observe the regulations – Thank You



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