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RoadworksPlease find information on the progress of road repairs and other questions raised by the community to PKC:

Q. Is there a date yet for the landslip repair on the Langside, and do you know how long the road will be closed for ?

A. Start 3 May and no road closure in place until final resurfacing of the road which will be for only 1 day.

Q. Can you provide us with the load weight for the bridges on the road ? The reason is that people are being met on a daily basis with log lorries which in themselves probably meet the weight but they also have trailers of wood attached.  As you can imagine at many spots on the road on meeting one there is no-where to go and it is an accident waiting to happen. Many Residents are still enquiring as to why and HGV restriction can’t be put on the road ?

A. I can only refer this to colleagues in Traffic and Road Safety for comment and Structures for details of any weight limits but my understanding is all structures are capable of taking the legal road limit of 44 tonnes.

Q. The repair to the Braco end of the road has made such a difference, but from the landslip onwards to Comrie the road is breaking up at the edges due to HGV use. In particular I noticed two spots yesterday that I would have lost a wheel in if I had to use the edge of the road to allow traffic to pass safely. Are there plans to fix that ? This is only going to get worse.

A. I’ll ask the area supervisor to inspect it and ensure the road is safe and it may be a case of filling in the verges with stone to remove the hazard. We do not however have any plans to do any works on the carriageway this financial year.

We are about to commit £111,000 to resurfacing Dalchonzie (late May/June) as it is in a poor state of repair following the winter and timber haulage over last couple of years.


  • Nurses Lane – the gully had been blocked for around 3 months. It seems that as it is on a private road PKC or BEAR are not responsible
  • Collapsed gully trap on East side of Dalginross at entrance to Bob’s Yard – is still outstanding and and has been reported again
  • Glebe Road / Strowan Road – a pot hole at the junction of Glebe Road and Strowan Road  has been reported to PKC
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