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comrie skate groupYoung people in Comrie of all ages have campaigned for a skatepark for decades. We have raised £58000 towards a build of £64000 and desperately need to raise the final amount so we can build now or we risk losing all we have raised as half the money comes from Legacy 2014 funding and needs to be spent soon.

As a rural village there is not a lot for young people to do. This will give the young people of Comrie something to do that is exciting, active and outdoors.  If you would like to donate (from £2.00 upwards) please follow the link below:

There is also the opportunity to ‘Buy A Block’. There are 60 blocks each for £100.00. This might be suitable for larger groups or businesses to show their support.  For more information please open this document: Buy a Block.doc


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