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The Scottish Tea Factory

Thank you to those who attended a meeting about setting up a local tea planting group earlier this year or for being in touch to express your interest!

This is just a brief update to let you know that funding has been approved by LEADER to support the building of a micro tea factory at Comrie Croft. This is great news for the local community tea club which should be all set to get started in May/June.

Many thanks for all your support and encouragement to date, I look forward to working together on this small but hopefully fun tea project!
Beverly Wainwright

Take a look at the website and do feel free to drop me an email if you want any more info. If you have any friends who might be interested please encourage them to be in touch! The brilliant and eminently green fingered team at Tomnaha are planting out several hundred tea seeds and we will be potting these on when they sprout which should be sometime in April. I will keep you posted and hope to arrange a volunteer session at Tomnaha for
anyone who might be interested in helping out and learning a bit more about tea plants. I hope to start building the tea factory from early April with local builders Campbell Construction and with luck to open in June when I will plan a formal launch and press release! Meantime, I am heading out to Sri Lanka this weekend to help set up a micro tea factory in a remote rural community. I will be testing out tea machinery and conducting tea making experiments.


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