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eclipsewhitechurchDid you know that the original Comrie Website was released 15yrs ago ?  Comrie was trailblazing local community interaction within the world of internet communications long before others got involved. The picture above was used on the Home Page.

We would like to thank John Rushworth who sent us information in order to celebrate the achievement of his Father, Edward Rushworth,  who is the founder of the original site.

Sadly the old website was not kept up to date, however our Community Council agreed to a new website and along with volunteer editor Sandra McRitchie we have the format we see today. Without the efforts of Edward Rushworth we might not have evolved and have the successful site we have today.  Thank you Edward !

To find out more about the original website and view a snap shot, please visit our ‘About Comrie’ page.

Edward Rushworth, founder of the original Comrie website

Edward Rushworth, founder of the original Comrie website

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