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Comrie’s Wild Hearth Bakery award winners at the Royal Highland Show – Congratulations to Sour Dough John and his team – Outstanding !!

‘Yesterday was a fine day for Wild Hearth Bakery. We are humbled to have received best in show (‘Supreme Champion’ if you can believe the nomenclature! 😁) for our 100% wholemeal @scotlandthebread loaf, organically grown and milled in Fife; two additional golds for our 100% @scotlandthebread Swiss Highland Rye and our miche made with a blend of #yorkshireorganicmillers sifted wholemeal wheat and @scotlandthebread wholemeal wheat and rye; and two silvers for our Seriously Fruit and Sesame and Scottish Plain loaves. Huge thanks to @theladybaker, the most incredible Head Baker I could ever hope to have snagged, and the whole talented bunch of you @erikosberg, @linzi_d_27, @wasabiroad, @hamishcrieff, David. You guys rock #scottishbreadchampionships#scotlandthebread #woodfired #woodfiredsourdough #localflour#ifitsnotscottishitscrap #wildhearthbakery #cultybraggancamp @ Wild Hearth Bakery’

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