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Just to make you aware of this, brought to my attention by a concerned resident:

‘It would appear that an issue has arisen with the right of way between Comrie and Auchengarrich. The landowner is erecting a new fence, making access very difficult, if not impossible for horses, cyclists and others gaining access. This is on top of already padlocking gates, meaning it is impossible’.

If you are concerned about this please contact PKC, to express your concerns. The contact there is Jane Pritchard, on 01738 476476 or email,

You may also wish to copy in our three ward councillors at the following email addresses:
along with our MP Luke Graham
and Roseanna Cunningham MSP

I have been informed that that this is an official right of way, and designated by the Scottish Government as a key “Core Path”. It is illegal to block it or restrict usage by padlocking gates etc. The code for the ROW Core Path is CMR 1/6 which you could reference in any correspondence you might wish send.

I have informed all of the above parties.

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