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In 2012, a major consultation carried out among residents and business owners in Crieff found that there was a strong demand for an off-road footpath and cycle route between Crieff and Comrie. Following the publication of the Crieff Community Action Plan in February 2013, the Crieff Community Trust (CCT) is now exploring options for improving the designated Core Path between Crieff and Comrie.

The first section of this path runs from Mungall Park in Crieff to Trowan, and the second section runs from Trowan to Comrie along the former railway line. The path would join up with at least two national long-distance routes and has the potential to attract many visitors to the area.

The section of the path between Trowan and Comrie needs significant work to bring it up to a suitable standard for use by all. CCT would like to ensure that any improvements carried out to the path reflect the needs of local residents (in Crieff, Comrie and across Strathearn), visitors and land owners. Therefore, we would like to find out more about how people might use it. Please can you take five minutes to give us your views by taking part in this short survey?

If you would like more information about the Core Path route between Crieff and Comrie, see the following two links:

Crieff to Trowan (routes CRIF/51, CRIF/113, ESTN/100, ESTN/6)
Strowan to Comrie (route CMRI/126)


Deadline for responses: The survey will run until 15 May, and the results will be made available shortly afterwards on the Crieff Community Trust website at

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