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I have received a message from a very concerned visitor tonight regarding a near miss with a cyclist in the village

The cyclist on this occasion was on a BMX bike and was travelling at speed on the pavement on Drummond Street. He was wearing a mid blue helmet and mid blue t-shirt with a white or yellow logo on the front.

The visitor stated:

‘If I had stepped out fully onto the pavement it would have been a hospital job for both of us. There are way too many elderly residents in your village for kids to be riding their bikes … ON THE PAVEMENT anywhere that kind of speed. I checked the skate park and there he was. I did not approach him…I just made sure that’s where he was going. The pavement is for WALKING on, or at least cycling slowly to account for other pavement users!!’

Can we ask that cyclists be cautious if they have to ride on pavements and that they be aware of their speed when passing homes. Remember many doors in the village open straight onto the street. We don’t want any accidents – Thank you

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