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Good Afternoon,

Sorry for the delay in replying, I had forwarded your last note on to our contractors to reply directly as they are managing their programme however it seems to have gone astray.

I have now received a brief programme from them for the remainder of the project which I have attached, however due to some network issues this has changed already with short term work now ongoing at the Braco Road junction to boost supplies in the south of the village. We will be returning to this area later to complete the planned work here.

Regarding your other queries, we appreciate that the restrictions caused by roadworks can cause problems to drivers however we do manage this in accordance with a national Code of Practice published by the Department for Transport and the teams on site have also been instructed to ensure that their work areas at any one time are spaced out to provided “passing places” for drivers to pull into safely. Temporary traffic lights are being used where essential however as most of the current work is over short sections we find that give & take is less disruptive. At the planning stage we did consider applying to close Dalginross to through traffic however there is no suitable diversion route to allow this.

The reason the road is being dug up again is that the work, especially on the large diameter main in Dalginross, has to be carried out in stages to maintain continuity of supply to customers. The new main is laid in its entirety (stage 1) it is then connected to the existing network which allows us to transfer customers’ supplies and mains in side streets onto it (stage 2). Finally the old main is disconnected and abandoned (stage 3). To leave numerous excavations open between the stages would only be possible safely if the road was completely closed to traffic so we have to backfill and re-surface, then open up sections again as required.

I hope that this is of assistance.
Ralph Caldwell, Team Manager

The update to the work programme is below

Hi Ralph,

After meeting last week the proposed programme for the Comrie project as follows.

From now until the festive break the teams will concentrate on transferring the mains to the side streets and services onto the new main in Dalginross also on completing the insertion work that is in Gowanlea Road & Strathview Place.

Starting on the 04/01/17 there will be a road closure in Barrack Road to allow the open cutting & laying the 180mm main. There will also be the continuing work in Dalginross until finished.

The next streets after Barrack Road will be Braco Road then South Crieff Road both will probably be done under traffic signals.

Project anticipated to be completed by late February/early March 2017.

Graham Hay
Project Manager
Utilities (Gas)
Kier Services

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