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Dog Poo.PNGI received this interesting email this morning via our PKC Councillor Ann Cowan. Please folks, if we want to clean up our streets we ALL need to report dog fouling !

I’ve had a quick look at our records over the last year. Since 1 April 2015 we have received 8 complaints concerning fouling in Comrie, from a total of 434 for the whole of PKC. Of these 5 have pointed at a particular problem in Strowan Road.
Officers have visited that location to try and catch the offender ‘in the act’ but so far attempts have proven fruitless.

Unfortunately the information we have received from local residents hasn’t, yet, provided any useful intel to allow our officers to effectively target the situation.
As you can understand, it is difficult for our officers to be in the correct place at the correct time so any information to help narrow our focus is useful.

I would ask that your constituents are encouraged to try to provide as much information as possible – times, descriptions (even the identity of offender) can assist us in tackling this crime (and nuisance).

I would also encourage residents to make complaints about fouling even if no, or little, intelligence is available. All complaints are recorded, and interrogation of our database is useful when considering best use of our resources – an area receiving more complaints will be considered for our ‘Drop Them In It’ campaign and, every small piece of information helps build up a picture which may provide sufficient information to target the area effectively.

This year we have been particularly successful in catching offenders – with, so far, 69 offenders issued with fixed penalty notices – 10 in Crieff, but as yet none, unfortunately, in Comrie.

Derek Hutchison
Principal Trading Standards Officer

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