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Sorry Folks, I bring this up at regularly our Community Council Meetings and nothing seems to change.


I’m not the only concerned resident. I had communication from a concerned young Mum in the village tonight stating:

Just wanted to highlight how appalled I am at the amount of dogs dirt lying around the village. Absolutely disgusting. The darks evenings seem to bring out the walkers who seem to forget their poop bags?!!’

Please consider our environment, and the health of others. It is so easy to poop scoop. PKC have no issue with dog poo bags being placed in normal community waste bins (doesn’t have to be a dog poo bin). Free Poop Scoop bags supplied by PKC I believe are available from the Post Office. There is no excuse,  I use cheap nappy liners.I know and see the majority of dog owners in the village clearing up after their dogs,  but there is a minority spoiling it for everyone – Please clear up the mess YOUR dog leaves –

Thank you
Secretary – Comrie Community Council

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