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I received a message today from a village resident who (like many others) made comment on our Comrie Facebook Page regarding the issue of dog poo and those who do not pick it up after their dogs have done their business.  Please find her communication:

I made contact with the Dog Controller, Kirsten McKenzie. She wasn’t aware of a problem in Comrie and was grateful for the contact but as we know she does need some more specifics to help her catch the foulers. Kirsten is willing to patrol a problem area if folks can provide her with some details that would make sure she’s focusing her efforts in the best place at the best time! Could information please be called through to the PKC contact centre on 01738 476476.

Kirsten wonders if Comrie would be interested in running a scheme called “Green Dog Walkers” – its been running in Falkirk and has had some positive results. The scheme, which needs to be managed by a village organisation, basically asks dog walkers to sign a pledge that they will always pick after their dog. When out with their dog the walker will be asked to wear a green armband which advertises their support for the scheme and lets other dog walkers know that they carry extra poo bags for any owners caught without one.

Kirsten’s coming out to see me as she’s keen to see the problems in the village and to give me more details of the GDW scheme. Do you know of any Comrie organisation that would be interested to run the Scheme? 

If you (or your Group) would be interested in the Green Dog Walkers initiative please send me us a message via the contact tab here on the website.   Lets hope that something can be done to improve the situation and encourage those who currently don’t to scoop when their dog poops.  Some many scoff but this is a serious issue !

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