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This important message from the Heather Farm:

Muirend Woods…Recently we have been concerned with some kids lighting bonfires in the woods.

We have no objection to kids playing in the woods but we are very concerned especially as everything is tinder dry and the fire could easily get out of control and spread and at the moment one of the fires is still smouldering under the ground.

We would also appreciate it if the tree limbs lying on the ground were left where they are as they are specifically put there as a horse jumping course and not to be used to make a den!

We have also noticed stones and branches thrown into the ditch which are causing a blockage in the culvert at the South Crieff Road during heavy rainfall.

Whilst we have no objection to people walking and playing in our lovely woods we would, however, appreciate it if people would not be so irresponsible and take advantage.

This is what we don’t want!

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