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LATEST NEWS at 20.26 -Received a message from SEPA -Improving conditions mean a FLOOD WARNING is NO LONGER IN FORCE for Comrie.
More details available at Floodline.

And from First Response, this message -We have two responders on tonight covering Comrie working with Scottish ambulance service.

Thanks folks we hope you have a quiet night and again Thank you again to our part-time local Fire Service who once again have done us proud along with the two tenders from Perth.

16:13 – I have been on the phone to the police to contact BEAR as they have put a road sign at Crieff on the A85 saying the road ahead is closed. It’s wrong you can get to Comrie and St.Fillans but not Lochearnhead !!!

It’s the back road that is closed.

13:13 – The good news is that the water levels have gone down by around 6ft. The Fire Service are still on hand pumping water and it is hoped that things will now settle for the rest of the afternoon.

I can’t give enough praise to our local lads who once again are working hard on our behalf. I hope that any local residents effected have been taken care of at the moment.

Comrie Community Council will be sitting down with the emergency services and PKC to review the Resilience Plan in the next week or so, update it where necessary so that we can face any further situations that may come our way in the future.

I have been inundated with requests on road closures in our area. Please visit this website for the latest information:

Our local Fire Service is busy pumping water and are now being assisted by two tenders from Perth.  We can’t thank our local guys enough for their stalwart work.

Sandbags have been delivered to Lochay Drive and Garry Place for residents IN THAT area concerned about their properties and more are on their way (11.06am)

Community Councillors are in close contact with the Emergency Services and will keep you up to date as any news is received.

The water is over the Boulevard now and encroaching on the lane (by the antique shop)

Two pumps are on their way from Perth to help and will be here until the situation is under control

SEPA have just announced a Flood Warning for Comrie

There is a risk that the River Earn may overtop its banks and affect the areas in and around Strowan Road, Lochay Drive and Garry Place.

Please follow this link for more information:

The back road to Crieff is not advisable due to flooding. The photos below kindly sent by the Tainsh family.

I will post any updates as I receive them but if there is any further news in the meantime this is the advice given by PKC:

If you are concerned about river levels or the effects of severe weather or any other incident that does not appear to be immediately life threatening call Police Scotland on 101. Police Scotland will relay your concern to the relevant agency.

If a situation is considered to be life threatening or there is imminent danger to life or property call the Emergency Services on 999.



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