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I have heard rumours that there was a rush for flood sacks at the Fire Station and folk complaining that the sack store was locked.  The store is opened by the emergency services when a need arises and when inspections have been done to see who is at risk of imminent flooding.

Please remember folks that flood sacks should only be for properties that are imminently under the threat of flooding not ‘just in case it happens’. 

In emergencies the Fire Brigade and other emergency services or Council representatives will visit households checking on the flood situation and if sandbags are called for will make sure householders get them.

These sacks cost around £8 each so please consider carefully whether your need is real. If you take sacks and don’t need them you could be preventing those who’s properties are about to be flooded from getting them.

Today both roads to Crieff were closed due to flooding for a period so the flood sacks in the store needed to be kept for those with the greatest need as getting other supplies in could have taken hours to get here.

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