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Comrie Community Council are receiving calls by local residents concerned at the build up of fallen and falling trees in the Ruchill. It is feared that these may contribute to future flood risk. Whilst we understand that it is the responsibility of the landowners to remove such trees from their stretch of the river we are well aware that the complications and costs involved in getting SEPA approvals mean that the will to keep the river clear is seriously eroded.

We would like to make sure however that PKC are kept up to date with the situation and we are keen to keep exerting pressure on them and SEPA to at least take proper cognisance of the problem and advise us at Community Council level about what can, should and will be done to stop the problem getting worse.

Our Community Council are quite stretched at the moment so we would greatly appreciate if any resident with concerns and the necessary skills could take photographs of the fallen trees, arrange them (a few to a page) in a brief few pages as a kind of photo report on the current state of the river and get it to us for onward transmission to PKC & SEPA. Please send to

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