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Comrie Community Council welcomes all of our residents and visitors a

Remember folks following the kids fancy dress parade (6.30pm) tonight the fireworks display will take place around 7-7.15pm’sh followed by the Flambeaux Parade at midnight.

“A guid New Year tae ane an’ aw’,
An’ mony may ye see!
An’ durin’ aw’ the years tae come,
O happy may ye be!
An’ may ye ne’er hae cause tae mourn,
Tae sigh or shed a tear!
Tae ane an’ aw’, baith great an’ sma’,
A hearty, Guid New Year!”

Wishing everybody a Happy Hogmany and a Prosperous, Healthy 2017.

Many Thanks to everyone for their support and photographs this past year.

Now for those who partake….Hae a dram and enjoy ! xox


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