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I was diagnosed with MS in 1998. Eighteen months ago I took up running and on April 22nd I am taking on the challenge of 26.2 miles in the London Marathon. I am raising funds for MS-UK, a small progressive charity, and would be really grateful for your support (and helping me to get the word out).

Fuelled by diet, essential supplements and acupuncture, I have kept myself well for the last 20 years. I want to raise awareness of this nutritional approach and help to give those affected by MS access to this high quality information to keep their MS under control.

The NHS and conventional medical practitioners are reluctant to promote this approach because it is not clinically proven. It’s not clinically proven because there is no drug at the end to fund the trials, so classic ‘treat symptoms not cause’ continues. As there is no solid scientific evidence that any of the current MS drugs significantly slow MS progression over the long term, this is all about personal empowerment through access to information. Your donations will support MS-UK, a small charity I have been associated with since my diagnosis, which does great work to help achieve just that.

What makes this even more important to me is that Scotland (along with Canada) has the highest rates of MS in the world. Both countries have a perfect storm of key MS risk factors including a low intake of Vit D due to their northerly location, high intake of dairy and gluten, low intake of omega 3 fat and a high intake of fat and sodium. This combined with a genetically susceptible population produces by far the highest rates of MS in the world. It’s a huge task, but a diet of appropriate and good food and even better information are crucial.

If you know anyone affected by MS (directly or indirectly) please encourage them to explore the links in my Virgin Money Giving page. It could change lives. Thanks for supporting me and MS-UK. I really appreciate it and I am happy to speak to anyone about my experience.

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