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Sadly I have just received this request from Steve Simpson on behalf of the Flambeaux Association….


I have received a call today from Police Scotland who did a great job in policing our Flambeaux last night. Unfortunately after festivities a group / individual have caused a level of vandalism to a vehicle on Strowan Road by standing on top / jumping on the roof of a vehicle. One individual has been identified as a young male under 30 and was wearing a fancy dress style Jesters hat. They are looking at photographs of the night to identify the individual, but if you are able to help identify the individual annonymously via PM Steve Simpson, or mobile 07736940271 to me where it will be passed on or to PC Jed Fitzpatrick at Police Scotland on 101. If you know the individal or are indeed the individual please come forward as soon as possible , everyone makes a mistake at times but it does affect the committee parade licencing and can ruin things for others. It was a good night other than that and everyone in good spirits.

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