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Following the request for help in finding a Comrie resident yesterday I received the following message this morning:

 I just got an e-mail from Doug!
Please thank everyone in Comrie who helped. In six months or so, whenever the publisher has sales materials, I will send them to you. If you have a bookfair or town fundraiser and I can be of any use, I will be happy to come and help in any way.  I will mention you and the town whenever it is appropriate and since I am already being asked to speak at Charity events around the country after the book is published, you have given me a wonderful story to tell.
If more people were as nice as you and your friends, the world would be a better place.

With Much Gratitude, Jane

Many Thanks to those who helped, Gillian Betty and George Carson.  Just shows that social networking can work in so many helpful ways/ 

This is the original message from Jane:

I am working on a book about art shoes. These are shoes that are not wearable, out of materials like paper, ceramic, lucite, metal and many other materials. I originally commissioned them for the store windows of a chain of ladies shoe shops in the United States.

The book will be published by Harper Collins and will have world wide distribution. All of my profits will go to charities and non-profit organizations and I am already booked for some events after the book is released in the Fall of 2013. We are also hoping to have exhibits of the shoes in some museums and other venues. Some of the most unique shoes that we have are from Doug Wilson. The last address that I have for him is 12 Drummond Street. Comrie. His shoes are wire scuptures and quite amazing.

Thank you so much for your help. Our deadline is September 1st and although we mailed him a permissions release form, we have not heard back and time is running out.All Best Wishes,Jane Weitzman


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